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Well I always wanted to create a tutorial or a video for some basic illustration and marketing. But I am afraid I might bore you with a  lot of chit chats that you already know about. Right now what I will do instead is pick up the important tips and ideas that you can use with your life as a tee designer.

I have been designing professionally for more than 15 years and a graduated of Fine Arts Major in Advertising. I have won on a lot of designing competitions, local and mostly international. Some of my works have been featured on books, magazines and the tele.

But I have to remind you, these are just my random thoughts yet, will organize it later on. Short and concise. I will post 2-5 tips a day.

001: Design what matters. (if you want something to sell)
002: Design what you feel. (if you just want an output)
003: Design, make money and never rip.
004: Take care of your website/domain.. i learned this from a hard way.
005: Never burn bridges with your former employers, clients, contacts. You never know when you are going to need their help.
006: Learn from the masters, and never stop learning, learn something everyday.
007: Teach and you will learn. Only when you start sharing your knowledge will you notice how much you know and how much you still need to know.
008: Doing free works all the time is not a calling. Your skills are given to you for a reason, feeding yourself can be one of it's purpose. Unless you give your best then it's a freebie.
009: Everyday there is a precious inspiration waiting for you to grab, so before you go out wash your hands.

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