Merging with a New Shop on Etsy

So I have partnered with The Loud Vice, my wife's account. Since my original shop (zerobriant) encountered some trials and hit a wall. But they are not going to let this lone artist stay on the floor.
Even with 4000+ sales and 600++ 5 star reviews, once you missused a copyrighted name you're gone.

So I brushed the dust off and pumped some muscles and currently ready for another challenge. I learned from my mistakes now ( hopefully) I am not using those old works that was taken down. No sir, but I am going to finish my new shopify account so I can post unlimited designs. Because the charges on Etsy has been skyrocketing lately.

The new shop link is
totally a different style in posting. I placed some lines to shy away thieves in using our artworks for their evil plans of selling them. Oh I hate those rip-offs.

So most of my latest artworks are there. Especially my favorite Stranger Things designs, which I worked hard with. If they close this shop again. My own shop will rise from the ground. Resilience is a virtue for me. haha. So please follow the page, and hopefully you can purchase something. I offer free shipping on some amount. And I mostly have a sale going on. Cheers!

Don't forget, favoriting it may trigger those free shipping promos. ;)


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