Where Did zerobriant Go?

Oh well it's been a while since I got back into writing anything, I even hardly write my grocery list.

My last post was two years ago, and a lot has happened since then. I got into a lot of problems with rip-offs on the internet, I was sending DMCA left and right, hunting thieves day and night. It was a never ending battle. It took a hit on me when the criminals responded, they shot their icy spear and wounded my soaring dragon. They reported my original artworks to the copyright owners after they have stolen it. So evil right?

My original Redbubble shop closed, my Etsy store listing reduced to half, like somebody snapped their fingers. My society6 shop become a ghost town after they took away most of my designs. Designbyhumans halted the release of my works due to the fact that they are shying away from unofficial pop-culture shirts. But I kept my head high and my profile low, I keep on designing these risky artworks because the fans want it, they are craving for it. Or so that is what I would like to believe.

Even though I stayed in the dark I worked my way into the light. I gathered some strength from shops like Sharkrobot and Cloud City7, they helped me get sales with their convention events. Neatoshop helps us get our own stores to avoid this predicament. Shirtpunch on the other hand continues her love and belief in my designs even though not everyone is looking for it. Teepublic is alway kind when they do their sale. And Teefury constantly stand behind to help a fellow teefurian, even though the industry is not that kind to us anymore.

To be honest, the glory days of t-shirt designing is crucially setting. The once bright yellow and blue skies and turning purple and gloomy by the hour. The saturation of bootlegged/rip-off powered new shirt sites are finding their way to market. Together with their aggressive marketing on social media and a number of websites, I find them to have no soul. So what soul can the devil burn in hell when their time comes? Argh.. imagine my frustration.

I don't remember putting them on any of these sites. Bootloggers!

A common scenario: a shirt artist makes a design, submit it to a shirt site to be printed. Waits for a period of time and when it gets released, the bootleggers steals a low res file or sometime a hi res file taken from the sites where we submit. Then makes more money than you did in the single day release, since the thieves would run it longer than you can. They even sell it on multiple sites like ebay, amazon, alibaba, etsy and more.. large printing shops like teespring, gearlaunch helps them sell it with no hassle at all. Imagine after all the hardwork the artist does, he get's less or worst, nothing.

You can call this a rant or ramblings but these people are making money out of other peoples work.

Artist are also paying bill and we occasionally eat too! Oh if I could only call the god lightning and ask him to smite you, I would.

Anyway before I do that, here are my new redbubble shops The Last Type and zerobriant 2.0 


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