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Today marks my 200th sale after officially opening it about a month ago. Not bad for a birthday present. Although it was not smooth sailing in the beginning like every normal store, but with a few research and advises from friends who made it there and mentors who helps you all the time, anything can catch up. So I decided to let you know what I have learned.

It's no big secret. I would like to lay it out as 3 simple factors. Presentation, Marketing, and Customer Service. But the key core is research. I did not come up with anything without consultation and further seeking of how to make it on Etsy. Those links at Etsy Seller Handbook are very helpful I read them before opening my store. It's like the Art of War blueprint if you are an artist and wants to become a business man, it's all in there.

I am not usually a good with writing (I have a bad grammar so forgive me in advance) so I would get down to business and tell you what I did like a guy-next-door who is telling about the about the new TV series that you already know about.

Disclaimer: This is not an advise to give you 100% guarantee to make a huge sale right away. This is solely for the purpose of teaching the t-shirt artist who are new at etsy or those who are in someways lost with their compasses navigating inside the marketplace.

1. Presentation (of your products)

Everybody knows that a good art can attract attention, that is why we make awesome artworks. If the artwork can attract we can sell it. It also goes with how you present your products in your shop. Sometimes you need to stand out in the crowd. What I did was look into how others presented their work. Most t-shirt artist used the very common tee mock ups readily available free in the internet, Remember it usually works on tee-a-day sites because they sale it before the actual production (which is usually our case) but to get the most attention, minimise on using repetitive mock-ups.
Make it look more legit and professional, put yourselves in the buyers shoes kind of thing. And try to see if the image can convince you to buy the product. :)
Also use a lot of images like close ups and protect your images with subtle watermarks.

2. Marketing (promote promote promote, did i say promote?)

Back in the days I was called by my mentor Jimiyo a madman in self-promotion actual post (jimiyo's blog) There is nothing bad about promoting your artwork if you think it's really that great, just do not spam like hell. I did pay facebook and instagram to help me out. Spent a couple of dollars as an investment because I believed in the system, but with further analysis it's more or less just a 10% boost. And not a direct hit for your potential buyers.
So I tried the promotion on etsy. Oh man it did work thanks for the fellows in the group chat for telling me about it. It actually narrows your clients and hit them where they are most vulnerable :D

I guess what I am trying to say is if somebody is searching for a certain product that is based on a book or a movie, with those simple keywords or tags.. your work would be the first in line.. just like paying google for ads. However be not tempted to Promote all your products with the $1 a day promo especially if you have 50 goods to sell. The chances are your ad will be displayed, yet they will be at the very end of the line. (which is no use because the buyer has already seen every available sale items)

Promote the product that you think would sell well, the ones that are hot, demanded for the time being (trending).

3. Customer Service (are you just selling and not making your customers happy? then you should think about it)
all I can say is be like Alex. He process things so fast, the orders just come in like a flash. And he is very prompt honest and is very accomodatin.. That is exactly what I have been doing and the customer love that. So they tell their friends about my shop.


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