Electric 80's by zerobriant

The world would never be the same again. Anyhow the world would never become what it is today if the 1980's awesome vibrant era did not happen. Neon was really a thing back then perhaps they think its the colour of the future. The vision of radiant bright and rich future. Actually I don't know if what I am saying is politically correct. I just want to spread the love of the movies that made a milestone on that period and has become the foundation of the sci-fi fandoms all over the world. I am talking about Star Wars, Aliens and Back to the Future of course. Later on I will add more designs like RoboCop. Other designs are new but has that 80s feel to it, I hope you like them.

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  1. So, um, I find out about this a week late and I'm just not allowed to buy the stuff now? Guess it's a good thing you posted those nice graphics so I can make my own :\

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