Doctor Strange: First Look at Benedict Cumberbatch and My First Design Tribute

Courtesy of Screenrant and Entertainment Weekly, the image shows Cumberbatch in what is presumably his final look as Doctor Strange, rather than the straggly-bearded apprentice that we’ve seen in set photos. The overall look is very similar to that of the comic book character: a high-collared red cape, trimmed goatee, threads of silver in his hair and – of course – the Eye of Agamotto amulet around his neck. The cover image promises more details from the set of Doctor Strange when the issue hits news stands, so we’re looking forward to finding out more about Doctor Strange very soon.

Check out Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange below:

Image Credit: Photograph by MICHAEL MULLER/© 2015 MVLFFLLC. TM & © 2015 
Marvel. All Rights Reserved

Now watch and behold, a design I created hours after the release of this "First Look" :)

Available at Neatoshop

Doctor Strange


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