12 Things Doctor Who Fans Must Have (Wardrobe Collection)

The 52nd Anniversary of Doctor Who just happened and there is no sign of slowing down this wonderful sci-fi show. Countless fans greeted The Doctor on every social network with tags of #DoctorWhoDay and #happybirthdaydoctorwho. Some of the fans gathered together to celebrate wearing costumes and tees to pay tribute to their undying hero. (Because he always regenerate)

There are tons of cool items floating in the market today, some unique and others are straight from BBC merch. While fans do enjoy creating out-of-this-world products let me help you list down some of the basics. If you are a starting Whovian or a die hard Doctor Who fanatic, you might have one or all of the things I would be mentioning. So let's just make a quick list of the things you must have in your wardrobe to be show that you are a proud fan.

12. Chucks, Sandshoes!

White or red or even blue, as long as it's a Chuck Taylor high cut, worn out just like how 10th loved it. Available in most shoe stores wont be hard to miss. But if you like to have them pop up in your doorstep like a materializing TARDIS then you can always order them online.

11. Scarf a mile long!

This iconic scarf would be a shout out to anybody who does not know your fandom. The 4th Doctor is best remembered with this awesome 12 feet scarf. It can warm 6 necks at the same time, so gather your friends this winter and keep them close. ThinkGeek has it onsale.

10. Rebel Jacket

May it be black or dark blue outside but it's all about the red interior linings. You may grab a hot one at Halloween Costumes with your desired size. With a 20% off at hand. Get one now.
Simple, stark and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing just 100% Rebel Time Lord 
-Peter Capaldi

9. A Fez, because one is enough.

Clearly you need to protect your head from all those mind boggling paradoxes. This fez does not only look cool on 11th but even 10th can make it a hot item, and so can you if it fits your head. Get it at Halloween Costumes with 20% discount if you say flez. (just be member now if you like) 

8. Sonic Shades

What's cooler than looking cool? It's a sonic effing shades! The best Doctor Who gadget transition ever. Oh well because perhaps it has x-ray visions too! Original Raybans are always available every sunlight or night time in case our doctor has to open a door in the dark.

7. Be a gift, wear a ribbon.

One time I wore a red bow tie when I was attempting to look cool and it actually worked. Now they just call me Peewee for some reason. But seriously bow ties are cool! ThinkGeek has one that is mildly expensive.

6. Large Coat

Yes this one goes with your sandshoes! David never felt cold in this long brown coat, if this was leather a full grown cow died to produce this. Luckily it's not, only the best wool and other fabrics was used. Halloween Costumes has this one too. 20% off if you are cool.

5. The cool stuffs! Original designed tees.

With all your Doctors combined in one tee. Say hi to my design available at Teefury for a very surprising price and color selection. You can get it in mens, womens and even youth sizes. (models not included)

4. Kickers

TARDIS with blue faux-suede exterior with white fuzzy lining. These booties are the bomb! You can ask more at ThinkGeek if you seriously want this.

3. Sexiness

Ok this may look too sexy for you but believe me, these three Doctors are truly sexy wherever you place them. You can have them of wrap them as a gift, remember Christmas is near! Check out my new Redbubble shop for more skirts and tops.

2. Badwolf

A bad ass shirt for a badwolf companion. This baseball shirt wont look cool if you are not wearing them. Adopt a shirt now, head down to DesignbyHumans and maybe pick up a bunny as well to go with your wolf.

1. Oncoming Storm

It might not be a warm as summer anymore but wearing this tank inside your shirt as an added clothing can be an assurance that deep inside The Doctor is close to your heart. This Oncoming Storm shirt is my design and is available a click away at Teepublic. Make sure you have enough gifts for your Whovian friends because nothing makes a Doctor Who fan happier than wearing some geeky stuffs made especially for them. :D Happy Shopping everyone! :D


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