Overwhelmed With the Help ♥ Eternal Gratitude

There has been a lot offers to print my designs and people has been reaching out to help, thank you so much! Also for those who donated cash through my paypal, you have my undying gratitude as well. :)

Wotto and the rest of the team at designbyhumans.com  "You guys kick ass!"
Tom and Chris and the rest of the team at teefury.com  "I am forever in your debt!"
Chad and Jason of blueboxtees.com and zebratees.com "You guys are the best!"
Josh of zenmonkeystudios.com "High respect for your kindness sir"
Craig of TheDoctorWhoHub "Always there to support a fellow whovian, thank you sir!"
Alex and Brian of neatoshop.com "Reaching out to help me even though I'm not yet part of the team was totally refreshing and heart-warming. Thank you guys!"
David of upcoming thelampoons.com "You totally rock sir!"
Jason of onceuponatee.net "You are awesome sir!"
Jennifer of JJlockhartdesigns.com " You are so sweet for consistently sharing my post" :)
Fellow artist and friends (RBC Asylum, RxBA, Teefurious, Ript Artist) who are there supporting me. "You are more than talents. Thank you so much guys" :)

(i will be updating this page, because I might forget to mention others) :D

And for those who is helping me spread the word, like sharing, praying and telling friends to help me with this challenge that I'am facing, I owe you one guys! you are too kind. Thank you so much.

Here are some other ways you can help me out, while getting an awesome designed tee, you are also helping me raise money for my surgery. I am really thankful for the help guys!

DesignbyHumans will match my royalty earnings
for the remainder of May. Please shop now at my
store there. Link

BlueBoxTees is printing 6 of my designs for 
six days! Totally awesome! I get a dollar for every
tee purchased. Buy here please. Link

ZenMonkeyStudios is having a sale of my prints.
Get some for your wall. Link

Teefury has brought back "The 11th Hour" at the gallery for a limited time
until March 23 only. While "Time Fiction" is permanently at the gallery for you to
enjoy. So grab some now! :)

More links to come! and again thank you so much for your overwhelming support!
God bless you soul! :D

Most of All THANK YOU LORD for the hope and strength. :)


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