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Hello there friends,

I had this traumatic incident were my neck was twisted by a masseur and a chiropractor which led to
the herniation of my spinal disc. It has pinched my nerves and is pressing my spinal cord. I have severe pain at my right arm and at my back for almost 3 months already, I thought the pain would go away, but when the doctors saw my MRI (magnetic resonance image) it was crucial. I have no other means to support my surgery and my family with this case. The surgery would cost around $15,000 and I need help so I can still work, but more likely so I can still live. Some cases of cervical spinal cord injuries can result to paralysis from neck down. So that includes my arms my lungs and everything below my neck down to my feet. Please I need your help. Thank you.

Edit: Sadly I can not receive donations any more Paypal has frozen my account. You can help by buying my tees. I will just receive a paycheck for my royalties. Thank you.

(my MRI result)


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