Season 3 Episode 2 of Walking Dead

Walking Dead S03 E02 "Sick"

!Spoiler Alert! 

 After bringing Hershel back to the group's cell block, Rick updates the prison survivors on the zombie apocalypse as well as teaches them how to dispatch walkers. The survivors eventually come to an agreement: Rick's group will prepare a cell block for the prisoners to inhabit, in exchange for half of the prison's food rations. While the surviving prisoners hone their combat skills under the supervision of Rick's group by taking out multiple walkers, a prisoner named "Big Tiny" is scratched by a walker. He says he is fine, and Rick seems inclined to let him live, but the prisoners' leader, Tomas, kills him on the spot. After fighting another group of walkers, as well as avoiding a murder attempt by Tomas, Rick kills Tomas. Another prisoner, Andrew, retaliates by attacking Rick and escaping the prison into the walker-infested prison yard; Rick closes the doors on him, leaving Andrew to his fate. Rick, Daryl and T-Dog leave the remaining prisoners, Axel and Oscar, in the promised cell block, and return to their group, where Hershel awakens.

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