Get Sherlocked!


  1. This is the best tee I ever saw! I mean, it's just perfect. I ordered it, couldnt not to.
    I mean it's full of Sherlock details but random people who doesnt know the series will jut a skull! That's brilliant !
    And I must add that as a biological anthropology and archaeology student I just needed a shirt with as skull on it. So when I saw the combination skull/sherlock, I knew this tee was for me!
    I can't wait to get it !

  2. haha :D that is the best comment i got so far :D thank you fellow sherlockian! :D I am pretty sure you will even make look better! :D thanks!

  3. I really wish I'd remembered to buy this. :(

  4. I really wish I'd remembered to buy this. :(

  5. I got this as a random shirt from the teefury grab bag, and I'm somewhat ashamed because I don't understand it..


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