Eleven Doctors @ teefury.com with giveaways :D

if you miss it, grab them here please :D

Thank you!! :D


  1. I just bought this shirt - LOVE IT! Can't wait for it to show up in the mail. I'm a huge Doctor Who fan but some of the other shirts are a bit too obnoxious for me - This one, on the other hand, is perfect! If I somehow won one of the prizes, even if it was only ONE sticker, I would be totally stoked. :}

  2. oh mann I missed it! Any other way to get one of these puppies?

  3. I missed it too, can I get it still?

  4. I was just told about this T-shirt and would love to get one (or perhaps two, my brother is also a big Dr. Who fan). Are these gone forever?

  5. please grab them at http://www.redbubble.com/people/zerobriant/t-shirts/7065930-eleven-doctors if you missed them.. and also please see my facebook page if you like to know who won :D


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