Stare Down Contest buy before you take away your eyes from it and forget! haha


  1. Can you offer this shirt in a different color than white? It makes the poster on the front less visible than if it were on a different color. Yeah, yeah, we know white tees are cheaper, but come on, seriously! It's the Doctor, for pity sakes, we want it to look COOL!

  2. Hi there!
    The shirt is not on white but cream color :D It does look great with the vintage poster look :D Thanks!

  3. Love the shirt, any chance it will be available as a poster or print sometime in the future?

  4. I thought they were called "The Silents," not "the Silence"?? According to Doctor Who America, the special they showed after the new Who episodes started.

  5. Must have this shirt! I agree, a color other than white would be more flattering. :)

  6. Love the shirt, I just bought it. Fingers crossed for a poster too! :)


    For Posters :D

    Singular for them is Silent, too late for them to reveal the term, they gave us the trailers with "The Silence"


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