"The WHOs" designing process

 Well the story started when Randy "rtofirefly" my best pal talked about the epic-ness of Dr. Who, we both had some ideas for Dr. Who as a mash up with some of our favorite characters, but my pal suggested the band "The Who". We made some choices for the doctors, he sent me some pics i started sketching and so our collaboration begun.

Here is a fun sketching that I did. And Randy tells me the best positions and the right doctors for the part. He also created a nice looking logo and a TARDIS.

Here are some of the process that we did. If you notice we changed our drummer. From the 9th to the 10th doctor. It took us some time due to some other activities and holidays that got along the way, but finally we finished it and now hoping this design will come out soon on one of your favorite sites :D

 So You better stay tuned and save some tee dollars for this epic collab between RTOFIREFLY and ZEROBRIANT

Also some free stickers and some canvas print will be up for grabs on the raffle promo :D Like us or add us on our facebook for updates.


Here is an open email of our conversation during the process.:)


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