A Gift Voucher for Springleap.com and get the "Pelican's Wish" cheaper :D

Hi there everyone .

It’s been a massive year for us here at Springleap. Some big competitions, a new header bar, design changes… Wow! And It’s all thanks to you .

Thank you for being involved and supporting Springleap over the past years! With your help we have been able to empower over 190 winners to date with cash prizes, royalties and exposure – not to mention supply you with an amazing array of killer graphic tees .

It’s the season to be jolly and we are giving away R100 gift vouchers from Springleap for you to enjoy, or give away as presents . –

I’m personalizing each and every one – so send me the details of who it’s going to and I will customize it from you to them!

This voucher is ONLY valid ONLINE .

Email : eran@springleap.com for your voucher – if you ask me I can also send you personalised ones made out to your friends, family or work colleagues. If you ask REAL nice – I can also send them on your behalf from “Secret Santa”! ;)

All the best

Eran Eyal


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