Ishillusion by rtofirefly (a good friend of zerobriant)

"I wanted to do something to showcase the most common type of color blindness, but without being mean-spirited or exclusionary about it. So I drew a tree scene and used Ishihara-style dots, including a message to the color-sighted within: ‘Embrace The Gift Of Color’. I hope everyone can appreciate the colors that they have, and remember that some people can’t see any color at all. It really is a gift.
This can be a great talking point between the colorblind and the color-sighted, too! Works best on a dark shirt like Lead (shown here).
I came up with this idea while I was in the shower, oddly enough. I hope everyone likes it! :)"

by Randy aka rtofirefly

I need you to vote for this unique piece :D here is the link


  1. Thanks man! I appreciate this :)

  2. This is a fantastic design but it's freaking me the word "color" really in there? Or you just messing with me, dude?

  3. haha! thanks Larry!

    I've had a few people ask me this, and I find it kind of amusing because I'm not sure whether they are missing it because they can't see the colors, or because they just didn't notice it.

    The word 'Color' is there, but it's much larger and spelled out using colored dots, instead of with typed characters (like the first 4 words). Can you see it now? :)


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