Getting Along with the Online Graphic Design Contest

I 've learned a lot while joining different online design contest, but I know they are not as much as what great artist have to share. But perhaps what I will tell you can help you in some major ways.

Like what my mentor would say, "Participate" Absolutely,
you have to submit your designs that you think has the potential
to be printed in that site. But I am pretty sure there is more to that.
Do you want to know the secret? I did not get this on a day of
experience but, I 've learned it on the process of joining for over 3 years.

To start with.. find the online design contest that you like to participate in...
now before you submit anything from your portfolios or your desktop, try this
little exercise I do every time.


Read almost all the details there are trying to tell you. Click on the tabs, the submission
page, the rules and regulations, the templates, the sizes, the payout and even their location.

What you are trying to do is to find out more about the site, their history, their goals or
their mission. Now I do not want to sound a little too nerdy on that part, but you are going to need
all of those information.

The longer the company has been running, the better the reviews, the lesser the risk of a
fly-by-night sites. Those that are gone away with your hi-res files. I am talking about contest sites
that lure you with $$$ but they do not even have the capital money to support their site.
Sites that are too optimistic, and thinks that they can get money to you from the shirts that you
have designed. Especially if they do not have that market yet. You should be careful with those.

Online design contest are business, they are not there just to give money to anybody with
great designs, you might have a good design but if that design does not appeal on their customers
well you are barking on the wrong tree.

to be continued.


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