DBH 10k 2010 by zerobriant

Thank you so much for voting!!! :D Salamat Kaayo!!! :D

My DBH 10k entries are "A Pelican's Wish" and "Never as it Seems"
I have two for this year again, last year both of my entries were printed, one on the site and bagged a shirt of the week award, the other was printed on their sister company and got an awesome amount of buyers for a weekend..then was purchased by another site.

This year is going to be my second time to join, and I am a bit excited because it will be very challenging than before. The reason is, there are more challengers/entries from skilled artist and well known alike...since DBH 10k has earn a lot of audience and participants, it's going to be harder to compete with great talents who has plenty of true-fans...

But I am gambling with my pieces, if it makes the top 20 and will be printed, I can smile and promote it to earn an award...but if faith will turn its wind towards my direction, then I will sail the ocean of happiness away..:D

DBH 10k for me is a given hope, an inspiration and a worthy challenge, where you can out-skill, out-vote and outlast your fellow artist, whom others will later call opponents in the ring of fire... it's a competition, open to all..and the possibility of others using wise moves and not so honest ways will be obvious. I just hope this year DBH can track down real votes and be guided with their decisions in choosing the real winner...

Good luck to all who are joining and I hope you can support me in this journey of making awesome shirts available to all :D Thank you!!

My DBH 10k entries are "A Pelican's Wish" and "Never as it Seems"

"A Pelican's Wish" DBH 10k 2010
Is my original idea for the contest, because we have been greatly affected by the Oil Spill and the only way I can help is to picture out hope through a design like this. Everybody has to make an effort to save the seas and the lives around it, under and over it..The entry may look like it's fitted for the contest about the HOPE for the Gulf..but I have submitted another entry for that and hoping this piece will still make print because it has a bigger cause to provide other than the ones that will win the contest. Link to vote

"Never as it Seems" DBH 10k 2010
Is a classic design of poetry and magic, inspired by a song that has been playing in my head for days...the tittle has been favored by many on the forums, and I think it really fits the design.

The design literally is never as it seems, and has more than meets the eye..others may have voted it even if they haven't seen all the details i place in it..and surprisingly many like it. Perhaps with the artistic originality of it and ambition of making one thing look different form another point of view makes it more interesting. I just hope people would love to see this new idea printed as most of them are eager to wear one :D Link to vote, thank you!

Also please do not forget my HOPE for the Gulf Entry, "The Flight of Hope"
I hope your voting wont do you any harm..:D cheers!!



H45SJU until Sep.1
0CVKTM until September 3
7C1N0R until September 4
VM62QF rock it until September 4
and JLM8W2 until September 7

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DBH 10k 2010


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