Vote for Haiti!

Yes its official, it's now up for voting!! Word from the sponsor..

Hey everyone. Thanks to everyone for getting involved in this project. We have selected the top 10, and have put it to the public to decide. To submit your votes for your favorite 4, visit . We wan't to get as many people to vote as possible, so please send this to all your friends, post it on facebook, tweet it out, anything that will help get the word out. Thanks a ton!

Vote for your favorite T-Shirt Designs for Wear Good For Haiti – a T-Shirt design contest to benefit Haitian earthquake relief efforts. $10 from each T-shirt sold will be donated to the Artists for Peace and Justice, Rebuild Haiti initiatives.

The four shirts that receive the most votes will be printed and offered for sale at

See all 697 designs submitted for the Wear Good For Haiti T-shirt Design Competition held at

Please help us get the word out by inviting at least two friends to come and vote.
Vote for Haiti! Vote for Haiti! Vote for Haiti!  Vote for zerobriant!


  1. This is such a great thing to do....Really appreciate that..and nice shirt as usual =)


You can tell anything about my can also give me some constructive comments. You can also vote for them if you like them. Just click on the link for you to vote at the site. Thank You so much!


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