This One is for the Ketsana (Ondoy) Victims Available only today 11/13/09

On September 26, a typhoon hit my country the Philippines, affecting more than 4 Million people and causing agricultural damage estimated at US$130 million. More than a month over, people are still picking up of what's left of their lives. More of what happened here:

This awesome collab shirt was an initiative by several designers from DBH who were led by Oddeti. They decided to give all proceeds to help out the victims of the typhoon. Check their process here:

Here are the artists involved:

Moses G -

Winter Artwork -


Zerobriant -

Thestray -

Robbie Lee -

Starry-Eyes -

Ashley Handlin -

Starry-Eyed Tigers -

Quetza -

Ender -

Graphicult -

Jorge Juarez -


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