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Hello Everybody!
It’s me zerobriant, check out my Once in a Blue Moon at designbyhumans.com It’s my second print here on DBH and once again, I am so happy to be printed, and to share the fun those who voted for my design and those who like my Once in a Blue Moon shirt..you will have a chance to get another DBH shirt of your choice! for FREEEEEEEEEE!:D

My previous contest: http://www.designbyhumans.com/forums/show/504973
My contest now is quite simple, and has two categories.
Contest One “Blog ’em Whales!”
• If you have a blog site, website, forums about shirts and whales and you feature my
new print with some interesting write-ups, (stories about this design, whales and awareness), pictures of the print and link them to purchase one here at DBH then that would be your entry.
• Display this discount code “N4JL50” for a 10% discount! This code expires in 2 weeks, on Thursday, November 5, 2009
• Officially register to me by emailing your name, address and your blog link at zb.pictures@gmail.com
• Also post the link here on this forum for everyone to see and whalah! wait until the end of this month for my chosen winner:D
• You can also say something about this contest:D
Contest Two “Wear ’em with Pride!”
• Just like my previous contest, send me a photo of you wearing my Once in a Blue Moon
designed shirt with some creativity and you get another Free DBH Shirt of your choice!
• First register by emailing me your infos (name, address and your date of purchase)
• Pictures must not be photoshoped or edited to look like the real printed shirt.:D
• Must be clear enough to look cool. (I know you will always look cool on a DBH shirt but the clearer the better.)
• Participants may submit as many pictures they want but will only win once.:D
Winning photos and site with write ups will be displayed and linked at http://zerobriant.com
Winners will be notified as soon as possible using this post and will also be emailed!
For any questions, clarifications, violent reactions or something better than that please say something. Thank you:)
Register and Submit now only until Oct. 31, 2009..(maybe extended)
Once in a Blue Moon at designbyhumans.com


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You can tell anything about my designs...you can also give me some constructive comments. You can also vote for them if you like them. Just click on the link for you to vote at the site. Thank You so much!


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