Finding a better home at DBH, Love needed..:)

Voting is ongoing..if this will win iam surely going to give more than one shirt!!!
make sure you to tell me you have seen this post:)Thanks!!!

I first submitted this on I got 2.80 of 5..meaning not bad...a lot of them liked it..but the guys behind threadless have more pending designs..i've waited for 90 days..hehe yup that long... then I showed this design to I got 90votes over a short period of time, they wanted to print it already..but something in me tells me that it deserves more so I had them hold the print and submitted it to got a lot of respect for threadless and but DBH made me something..and I guess I owe them this artwork:) If you think it deserves to be printed then hit the link and vote for it! hehe:) LINK


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You can tell anything about my can also give me some constructive comments. You can also vote for them if you like them. Just click on the link for you to vote at the site. Thank You so much!


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