Everybody Won!! Congratulations Guys!!! and Thank you for Joining!!!

The first to submit is "Andy" with his very artistic approach on the tee, he added more life to the color of the shirt by staining it! Wow!! creative style Andy!. This man is a pro, he also look like having a real deal with his gloves and the punching bag.:D I like the way he took the picture, clear and vibrant, he is a sure winner. So he will earn an additional discount code aside from the shirt of his choice. A surprise prize for the early bird.:)

The second entry is from NY and I guess having a great time in the zoo, is no other than "Chris". He looks great wearing the shirt while illegally feeding the animals lol (tapir and giraffe).

Still waiting for the other guys to submit their pictures, the deadline will be on June 30, 2009. So what are you waiting for? Grab a shirt, take picture of yourself and submit your coolest and awesome photos..:) To know more about the contest check the forum here. Good luck!!!

Buy it here.
Congratulations guys!!!

My fortune cookie message from the Thai food place was kinda ... on Twitpic


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